The story of the Century began in 1974, when America was in the midst of a major energy crisis.  As home-heating costs dramatically increased, homeowners had little or no options with the cost of petroleum based heating fuels skyrocketing.  An entire industry was reborn, the wood heating industry.  Wood was an inexpensive heating source.  It was also renewable, waste wood alone could heat most of Americas homes.

Many companies began production of wood stoves, fireplace inserts and factory built fireplaces.  While some were more innovative than others, for the most part, designs were little different than stoves produced a hundred years earlier.  While most were slightly more burn efficient, they lacked heating efficiency and were incapable of heating an entire home.  Larger units that could heat a larger area usually created hot sport in the house.  There was also a mess associated with ash removal.

Century was established for the sole purpose of developing and producing wood burning products that fulfill the requirements of the homeowner.  Only one name was fitting for the most innovative wood heating system of the century...The CENTURY FIREPLACE/FURNACE.  In 1976, the first Century was delivered.  At 76% efficiency, Century was light years ahead of the competition, and today's unit at 92.24% efficiency is still far ahead of other wood furnace/fireplaces.  At the heart of each Century is a 13 point patented heat exchanger which utilizes a unique system capable of burning the fuel efficiently, has a large heat exchanger, utilizes a secondary reburn chamber, retains the heat for a sufficient time to strip this heat from the fireplace/furnace, and then sends this heat through your home - not up the chimney.

The Century Fire/Furnace offers the homeowner more.  These advantages are unmatched in the industry.

*Efficient tested at 92.24%

*Environmentally friendly EPA tested and approved

*Long wood burns, up to 10 hours or longer

*BTU output 100,000 on C9-28-GW and 200,000 on C0-36-GW

*Controlled wood burns below 20,000 BTUs per hour

*Multi fuel  wood or may be converted to gas

*Clean burning - no smoke smell

*Safety tested to UL391 and UL127


You owe it to yourself to check further into The Story of the Century.  We invite you to Join the thousands of satisfied homeowners who have found the CENTURY doesn't cost...it pays.

We strongly recommend you view the short video on how the Century is made and what makes it different from other products.  Also, you can hear comments from Century owners.  You can also call us at 1-800-284-4328 (1-800-FOR HEAT), and a representative will be happy to discuss your application and special requirements.  Our office hours are 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., central time, evening return calls available.   Or click her to contact us by email