EPA TESTED AT 92.24% EFFICIENT !! Financing Available Important information on video, please view !!
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We Purchased a Century Fireplace/Furnace in 1986 when we were building our new home.  We wanted more than just a pretty fireplace as we were concerned with the ever increasing cost of home heating.  Our house was over 5,000 square feet of living area and we were amazed that the Century Fireplace/Furnace was designed so we could tie it into our central heating ducts.  The Century can heat our entire home plus a three car garage.

Ten reason to use Wood Heat

  1. It's a renewable energy resource
  2. No global warming
  3. You're in charge
  4. No more freezing in the dark
  5. Warms you like no other
  6. The romance of the flame
  7. Raise your energy I.Q.
  8. Heat a space, save some energy
  9. Invest in your community
  10. It's cheaper!

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In the Midwest:
"We stood in lines the last energy crisis. Next time we will be ready... Made in the USA Century is our Answer

In the West
We care about our environment and want a product that will conserve valuable resources while giving us value for our money. Century is for us.

In the North
It gets really cold! With lots of wood we want real heat and a fireplace that won't lose energy when we use it! With Century, it is nice not to have to rely on oil, gas or electricity!

In the South
We don't need lots of heat but we like the cheerful warmth of our fireplaces. And with lots of ice storm or power outages our homes are always warm with Century !


Learn about the history of the Century and all the advantages of owning the 92.24% efficient Fireplace Furnace.

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